1. Body Corporate

    1. The Association is a body corporate with its own legal identity which is separate from its office-bearers and members. The Association will continue to exist even if the members change.

    2. The Association will be able to own, maintain, lease, sell, invest, or in any way deal with property, capital and other assets of the Association, and will be able to sue and be sued in its own name.

    3. Members and office-bearers have no rights in the property or other assets of the Association solely by virtue of them being members or office-bearers.

    4. The income and property of the Association shall be used solely for the promotion of its stated objectives and shall not be paid or distributed directly or indirectly to any person or to any member of the Association or office-bearer, except as reasonable compensation for services actually rendered to the Association or reimbursement of actual costs or expenses reasonably incurred on behalf of the Association.