1. Objectives

The Association is a non-profit organisation established for the following public benefit objectives:

3.1 To promote and develop Suiderstrand and its environs as an interesting, exceptional, happy and safe place for its inhabitants;

3.2 To conserve nature and heritage aspects of Suiderstrand and its environs;

3.3 To predict, prevent, manage and extinguish fires of any kind in Suiderstrand and surrounding area; where possible and applicable in accordance with the National Veld and Forest Fire Act, 1998 (No 101 of 1998 ) and the regulations under it; and

3.4 By, for the sake of promoting the abovementioned objectives, making representations to and cooperating with in particular the Cape Agulhas Municipality, the Overberg District Municipality, the Suidpunt Residents Association, the Greater Overberg Fire Protection Association, the Cape Agulhas National Park any other relevant authority, organization, company or person.