1. Assets and Finances.

8.1 The Association will keep a record of all assets and procurements and will not give or donate any funds or property to its members or office bearers, except if such person or office bearer has been in service of the Association and is paid in accordance with such duties. A member may only be reimbursed for any expenses if he or she has paid for such expenses in line with his or her duties.

8.2 The Committee must open a bank account in the name of the Association with a registered bank. Two (2) authorised signatures will be required per transaction - Treasurer and any one of the other committee member(s).

8.3 The Committee must ensure that proper records and books of account which fairly reflect the affairs of the Association are kept and within six months of its financial year end a report is compiled for discussion and acceptance at the Annual General Meeting.

8.4 The financial year end of the Association shall be the end of August.

8.5 Money and assists donated to the association to be used for a specific purpose, will , if the donation is accepted, be ring fenced and be used solely for the purpose it has been donated for.